Small Car/SUV  ----  Mid Size SUV/Trucks  ---- Large SUV/Vans

Full Interior Detail-     $150    -  $175   -  $200

  • Extraction and shampoo of carpets, floor mats, seats, headliner, and trunk
  • ​Leather cleaned and conditioned, carefully removing all surface soil without causing damage
  • All plastic and vinyl thoroughly cleaned and shined
  • Dashboard, vents, and center console cleaned, brushed, and air purged
  • Interior windows cleaned to a streak free finish
  • Comes with our FREE odor removal process

Full Exterior Detail-     $100   -  $125  -  $150

  • Steam pressure wash including door jams, tires, wheels, wheel-wells
  • ​Bugs, tar and grease removed from the bottom areas of the vehicle
  • Frame and pickup bed pressure washed (if applicable)
  • Clay barred for a smooth and sleek surface removing all brake dust, pollution, and surface contamination
  • Apply a rich, thick wax for 6 month protection providing beading results
  • Tires, vinyl and plastics, shined
  • Exterior windows cleaned with a streak-free finish
  • Door jams spray waxed
  • Engine bay steam cleaned


Full Detailing package-     $225  -   $270   -  $315

  • Includes both the full interior and exterior detailing packages
  • Save 10% by choosing the Full Detailing Package. Most popular choice!


Paint correction-     $100   -   $150   -   $200

  • We also offer 1 and 2 step compound and polish services.  This process entails removing 50%-95% of all defects in the paint
  • This includes removing light to medium scratches, marring, oxidation, and other paint flaws
  • This is in addition to the Full Exterior Detail or Full Detailing Package




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